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Spartans Athletics

San Gorgonio High School


Spartans Athletics

San Gorgonio High School

Spartans Athletics

San Gorgonio High School



SBCUSD Physical Packet...

  • SGHS Physical Packet is now online at "" ... all students/parents must register for their sport at the athletic clearance website...


  • For "" instructions please click here



  •  SBCUSD Insurance Affidavit...  English/Spanish form click here
    • Insurance form must be included when submitting physical packet
    • Indicate current insurance you have for student or if you need to purchase insurance... and then sign bottom of form either way


  • Varsity Athletic Letters and ASB Card information... click here


List of 2019-20 Spartan Sports and Head Coaches...

  •  English ... click here       Spanish ... click here
  •  Contact Head Coach via email; all sports listed in documents above


Academic Eligibility Information for Athletics 

  • 2019-20  Academic Eligibility and CIF SOP dates (end of quarters, etc)... click here


Sports Interest Survey for Prospective Spartans

  • Circle sports you may be interested in participating in at San G and give form to Athletic Department
  • English click here ... Spanish click here


Summer Dead Periods... for SGHS sports... "dead period" (weightlifting only allowed)... football and most sports are June 1, 2019 through June 22, 2019... other sports may vary... contact coaches directly via email... and remember that you must have a current physical packet on file with athletic department prior to participation.

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