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Spartans Athletics

San Gorgonio High School


Spartans Athletics

San Gorgonio High School

Spartans Athletics

San Gorgonio High School

Spartans Athletics

San Gorgonio High School


G-Force Leadership Academy

The mission of our San Gorgonio Spartan G-Force Leadership Academy is to support our high school athletically, academically, and socially by teaching character and leadership skills to our athletes thus enabling them to be leaders on their teams, in the classroom, and in the community.

G-Force announcements:

  • G-Force has its own TEAM page now... click on Year Round Sports tab on menu at the top of the page!!!
  • Get a "FAN ACCOUNT" today!!!  Get flash news blasts to stay informed!  Sign up for whichever teams you want to follow and you can sign up for G-Force news too!
  • NEXT G-Force meeting... coming soon... virtual/online Google "Meets" TBA


  • Ropes Course Field Trip 2020 TBA... 2019 was AWESOME... G-Force was incredible once again... looking forward to another great year for the Spartans!!!
  • UCLA Football Game - at Rose Bowl... 2020 Info coming soon!
  • Remember Stater Bros fund raiser... support San G and buy Stater Bros gift cards in ASB Finance Office!

Congrats to our 2019-20 G-Force Officers

President- Ronald Williams
Vice-Pres- Jesse McMichael and Damian Rubio
Secretary- Sasha Herrera
Treasurer- Richie Reyes

Looking forward to a great year Spartans... Go San G! ????????????

"CARE... to Make A Difference!"


"Need to Expect More... " Article

  • Great SUN newspaper article... G-Force discussion on January 14... CLICK HERE


Coach Wooden's "Pyramid of Success"

  • Bottom Level... "Foundation"
  • Cornerstones... Industriousness (work ethic) and Enthusiasm (passion)
  • Bottom/Middle... Friendship, Loyalty, and Cooperation (purpose of G-Force)


John Wooden's "Make Each Day Your Masterpiece"

  • Time is an invaluable resource that must always be respected
  • Effective leaders are organized, plan, and meticulous with their time
  • Every day, every hour, and every minute
  • In a competitive environment between equal opponents, the one who uses their time most efficiently in preparation for the battle will be successful


CARE... to "Make A Difference"